Like the majority of holiday visitors to Kefalonia, on my first visit I was captivated, and struck by its magnetic field and so returned for more. The intention was to spend a six months summer painting holiday, but like all good plans, especially Kefalonian ones!, that plan went completely out of the window and I ended up staying a lot longer. During that time however, while I was being captured by this Ionian island, I captured Kefalonia, mainly in oil paint on canvas, and now I'm doing it all again.

You can browse my Galleries to revive memories of Kefalonia, if you've already been there - or to see what you're missing, if you haven't! All the original artwork is available for you to buy.

In addition, I've decided to include some extracts from my book Oil Paint and Greece - Memories of Kefalonia. Read about what it's like living on Kefalonia, and working in a holiday environment. To read these on my site just follow this link. Alternatively, you can buy your own copy of the book from Amazon in paperback or e-book format.

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Peter Hemming
Peter Hemming